Welcome to Wimzee, a new platform designed for instructors to share their knowledge and passion with kids that are curious about exploring creative activities such as skateboarding, DJing, music production, cooking, dancing, mindfulness, film production, and more! As an instructor at Wimzee, you’ll be responsible for guiding learners in their creative pursuits using your expertise and knowledge. Instructors have the freedom to design their own course and build their own instructor profile. Hourly rates and availability will be completely up to the instructor.

In today’s day in age, most educational institutions and curriculum are based on STEM. Wimzee wants to supplement and help round out a learner. STEM is valuable and we think there are ways to further enhance children’s learning experiences. Studies show that there are innumerable benefits to participating in non-traditional learning activities such as music, dance, art, cooking, skateboarding, and the list goes on. Wimzee was created to fill the creative gap in modern education by creating a unified community of passionate professionals of various expertise and curious young learners. If you’re passionate about sharing your talents then Wimzee is the community for you!

Job Qualifications:

We’re seeking highly experienced instructors with a distinguished record in their field.

  • 5 years minimum of experience in respective fields
  • Portfolio with past and present projects in your field
  • 2 years minimum teaching, instructing, or coaching (preferably children 5-18 years old)
  • Record of work that demonstrates the ability to operate autonomously
  • Great communication skills and ability to communicate with parents to schedule meeting locations, times, and equipment
  • Record showing strong reliability and timeliness
  • Ability to create a method for measuring students learning progress
  • Ability to travel to meeting locations

Preferable Qualifications:

  • Equipment and supplies for learners